Let’s create a content mix to fit your business.

Video Marketing

On-Site and Event Video Documentation

One of the best ways to capture a wealth of content to supply a publishing schedule over several weeks, is to record video content all day long.

This works best at events, conferences or on busy days. This is simply a marathon of content creation in a natural setting. I follow you or an employee around throughout the day, capture interactions, business process, preparation, and I ask questions throughout the day for six to ten hours.

The large amount of footage leads to several videos edited for social media ranging anywhere between and hour to fifteen seconds long.

In addition, topics from videos can be repurposed into podcasts, articles/blog posts, white papers, ebooks, images, memes, tweets, and other social media posts.

One day of video documentation can result in one month or more of content.

Web Series

If you’re interested in planned video content, I am happy to work with you on potential topics to cover.

I will research keywords and content ideas to discuss for your industry. After proposing content ideas, we will schedule a day to do an on-site recording session to cover the topics.

This will result in exactly the amount of videos planned.

Online Video Interview

If I am not able to make it to your physical location, we can complete a video interview through a Google Hangout video chat.

During the recording, I will ask questions about your business, the projects you’re working on, where you are going and more. We will talk for 30 minutes to an hour and after I will cut up the video content to be used on social media platforms.

Video Editing

So you already have video… Great! Send me your video files and I will be happy to edit to help you tell your story the best.

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Written Content

Blog Posts, Articles, Ebooks and more

I have written more blog posts and articles than any other type of content and in very different industries.

I have written content for tech companies, universities, restaurants, food companies, music entities, marketing agencies, and more.

Written content starts with keyword research and ideation. I will complete this step and propose the ideas with the potential to get the highest reach.

After you approve the number of articles you wish for me to create, I will write one at a time and deliver each when they are complete.

If you wish to go more long form with an ebook or whitepaper, I will take the same approach in research and writing.

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Audio Content


I have been podcasting since 2013 and worked as an audio engineer in college. With hundreds of episodes under my belt, I would love to help you get your podcast off the ground.

We will work together to build a schedule, podcast topics, guests, intro and outro music and more.

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Image Content

Instagram and the Stories format taking over several social media platforms is making an enormous impact on society and culture.

Let’s put together a strategy to help you post original image content on every platform, leaving the soulless stock photography behind.

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Spend 1 Day With Me and Get 10 Weeks of Content for Your Social Media Accounts!

1 Day = 10 Weeks

Social media posting and content creation doesn’t have to be hard. Spend one day with me and we can produce a content calendar for 10 weeks of posts for less than what an agency would charge you for just one video.

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Let me help you set up a strategy so you can achieve you content marketing and social media goals to make a difference to your bottom line.

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