Turn One Day of Your Company’s Story into Ten Weeks of Social Media Content

The Problem

Creating and managing social media content is hard. Who has time to make content, post it and engage with an online community while also keeping up with business responsibilities?

I have seven years of experience making content for social media, engaging with audiences, building brands and it’s only getting more and more difficult with the wealth of content being produced.

400 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube every minute

4 million blog posts are published every day

95 million images and videos are posted to Instagram every day

The only way to make sure your brand breaks through so much information is by producing as much quality content as possible to bring value to your target audience.

How To Break Through

I’ve worked as an in-house content marketer, an agency content marketer and a freelance content marketer. Each field has common questions about content for social media… “how much of my time will it take?” and “how much will it cost?”

After testing and refining for nearly two years, I finally have an answer that makes everyone happy!

One day of documenting your business on video can get you ten weeks of content and it costs less than what an agency would charge you for just one video.

Here’s How It Works

This process begins when we book a time to document the intricacies of your business and capture an entire day on video.

Leading up to the recording day, I will complete keyword research to discover questions and topics people are asking about your industry.

On the recording day, we mic up and record video of what your business is about day in and day out. I will also ask you questions about your process, your business and the questions I prepared based off of marketing data and keyword research.

We document your expertise and your personality.

After documenting, I begin the editing process. I extract themed content from hours of footage to tell the story of your brand with several videos, images and text posts to bring the most value to your audience.

Once editing is complete, you receive all the content from the day in a ten-week content calendar.

Here’s Jillian Jones from Supportive Divorce Solutions explaining the process to her colleagues during her one day documentation and content capturing.

What’s Included in the 1 Day = 10 Weeks Content Strategy:

  • Video content for YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.
  • Images extracted from videos for Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.
  • Text posts extracted from audio for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn
  • Audio podcasts extracted from video content for Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, etc.

After four to six weeks of editing, you receive a TEN WEEK content calendar with content for everyday of the week.

Example content calendar

You can be ten weeks ahead in your social posting and community engagement from just one day of time investment!

The content calendar will contain one to three posts a week per platform. Sometimes more. Since most of the content from our one day together will look similar, the gaps in posts are to ensure an opportunity to post current news and/or casual content (i.e. holiday posts, employee pictures, selfies, current work, live streams and more).

I will deliver all of the content to you on the cloud and you can start posting the ten weeks of content whenever you wish (or I can post it for you for an extra fee).

How Much It Costs

It only costs $3,500 to spend one day documenting content and receiving ten week’s worth of content in a content calendar (not including travel costs outside the Boston area).

Search “average cost for social video content” in Google and you will find most agencies and videographers will not consider doing even one video at this price. Let alone eight to ten videos in a ten-week content calendar.

Cost Breakdown

Recording Day Rate: Recording video and audio for an entire work day$500
Content Editing and Research: Breaking footage and audio into vlogs, podcasts,
social videos, text posts and images in a ten week content calendar.
This takes 80 hours of editing at my rate of $32/hour.
Taxes and Fees: Considering Uncle Sam's cut$440

I’m able to provide such a great price thanks to a repurposing technique I use when editing. I extract text posts, audio, images and short video clips during the editing phase for every long form video. This process of repurposing while editing saves me time so you get more for your money.

Capture Your Story and Expertise

This is not about scripts, stunts, or storyboards. This service is about capturing who you are, what makes your business unique and trustworthy, and what makes you interesting and intriguing – all in one day.

This is about you, telling your story to your audience, authentically and honestly.

There is no loss of quality. Your videos will be high definition with quality audio and quality editing.